About our Stone Quarry

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff works directly with architects, designers, general contractors and homeowners providing installation and application information. We are tirelessly dedicated to ensuring that we deliver to our customers the perfect natural stone selection for their project.

Adirondack Stone is a family operated business. Andre' Hagadorn, the founder, has been involved in the stone industry as a welder for many years. He seized the opportunity to work directly with stone in 1996, with the opening of his first stone quarry. Now, through dedicated and superior customer service, the company expanded to five fully functioning rock quarries.  Andre' is described by his employees as highly motivated. All of his customers appreciate his hands-on attention to detail. He and the entire staff at Adirondack Natural Stone are devoted to providing a consistent high quality stone product with integrity that outweighs the stone. This has made Adirondack Natural Stone a leader in customer satisfaction in the industry.

About the Owner

ADK Natural Stone OwnerQuarrying Stone for over 20 Years

Andre’ Hagadorn founded Adirondack Natural Stone in 1996. He began his career as a welder for local farmers and slate quarries and it is here that he became interested in working with stone. In order not to compete with the customers that he had developed a good working relationship with for many years, he opted to quarry granite.

The vision of service and quality Andre Hagadorn started with, has been the guiding force contributing to the success and growth of the company. He has taken the business from a sole proprietorship; loading tractor trailers on the side of a mountain, to a multi million-dollar company that utilizes the latest technologies for stone processing and natural thin veneer production. Andre’s growing operations are all executed in-house. From drilling and blasting in the quarries to ensuring the finished product meets his expectations, he is still very hands-on and directly involved in all aspects of the business.

He is regarded in the stone industry as someone who is honorable and trustworthy. When Andre’ finalizes the deal with a handshake, it actually means something. The success of Adirondack Natural Stone is a direct result of the motto that Andre’ has always lived by, ”It is only a good deal, if it is good for everyone”.

New Facility

Thin veneer StoneAt the end of 2016, we purchased an additional large facility and equipment which has become the new home of our 15,000 square foot thin veneer shop. Operating one of the largest thin veneer shops in the northeast has allowed us to minimize our production costs and make processing this material more cost-efficient. Our superb quality has not changed. We still pride ourselves on the high-quality material that we are able to send out to you.

Adirondack Stone Quarry