Thin Veneer

Thin Veneer
Mosaic Veneer

Thin Veneer
Thin Veneer Corner

Thin Veneer
River Rock

Thin Veneer
Roughly Squared & Rectangular

There is no substitute for the natural beauty and longevity of authentic sawn stone veneer, even if there are limitations on your project that restrict the weight of your finishing materials. Thin Veneer is the answer to these weight restrictions. By using a real stone you have the ability to shape each piece as needed and there is never a need to touch it up, it's real! There are several reasons why Thin Veneer should be considered in any project; speed and ease of installation, reduced cost of preparation, no need for a support shelf, resistance to the elements, and everlasting maintenance free beauty. When you want the look of stone, you should use stone, Adirondack Natural Stone!

Thin Veneer is available in:

  • Roughly Squared & Rectangular Veneer
  • Mosaic Veneer
  • Ledge Stone
  • River Rock
  • Corners
  • Ashlar

Color / Type Available:

Custom orders are also welcome.

Sizes & Coverage

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